Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheaper Protons' In Rich Country


Why Malaysians were treated in this way? Why national cars were much more cheaper in others' country then our own MALAYSIA? Why why why?... Below are the prices for PROTON cars in $AUDI ARABIA... And their reasonable prices...

See carefully the prices of PROTONS...

Why is the price for Proton in Malaysia, way dearer compare to $audi Arabia? Isn't that our NATIONAL car? Why do Arabians given the priority? Do we Malaysians, DUMB or STUPID?

1 Saudi Riyal = RM0.94/0.95

So the price for a:
1) Gen 2 = RM32K++
2) Persona = RM34K++
3) Waja = RM35K++

1 MALAYSIA paid for RM65K++ for a WAJA... Meaning nation paid RM32K++ dearer...OH DEAR!!!

So this is where all our hard own "BLOOD" & "SWEAT" flows to...



  1. now i know y proton still can stand in the market, 1st high tax for imported cars, 2nd earn 50% profit from each new proton!!!!!

  2. why is this happening? i got to know it from my brother too..

  3. i'm totally speechless of what this country is doing to his men.

  4. SATU MALAYSIA mah...

  5. You know what is control ar? If car sell so cheap in Malaysia, 30% of the population got car and 5% of that 30% go into singapore during weekends then you know. Same as Singapore, car price expensive is 1 thing, some more got simi COE. I'm wondering why you quiet quiet and become yes man when facing the gov. Talk what also no use, both side of people also lanpa-palan. kok stand up only in internet. In real life, people slap your left face, you some more offer the right face.

  6. saudi is tax free la my dear...thats why its cheaper