Saturday, January 9, 2010


"SATU MALAYSIA" with it's slogan "RAKYAT DIUTAMAKAN, PENCAPAIAN DIUTAMAKAN... But for me, the meaning of "SATU MALAYSIA" is unity and harmony... I do really hope that mine or ours' country MALAYSIA will be a leading country to others in uniting the nations'... But all ended up with a very upset news recently, where some of the citizens did a "FUGLY EMBARASSING" act... These incidents of violence, or any threatening act motivated by religious, social, or political differences, are a threat to our harmony and stability... Malaysians are shocked by these actions... Eg. (burning churches, breaking cars, threatening own nation, etc...) When will all this stop?... Why FUGLY MALAYSIAN?

"BURNING CHURCH" = violence

"BREAKING CARS" = violence

"THREATENING" = violence

Let us all violence together... "SATU FUGLY MALAYSIA"...

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